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I am a Herbalife Independent Distributor. Buy your Herbalife Products Here!

I sell Herbalife products on this website to retail customers like you. As a Herbalife customer, you have come to the right place. You will get great service, individual attention and a fair price. If you are already a customer, you can go directly to the Retail Sales page and place your order, or to the Retail Services page and track your progress toward your health goals.

As a retail customer searching for a reputable Herbalife Distributor online, you start as a lamb in the woods. The issue is that Herbalife has rules against discounting prices. An Herbalife Independent Distributor may only discount to established customers with whom they alteady have a "personal" relationship. If you buy from a distributor you have never met, odds are that distributor is "illegal". Sooner or later their Herbalife license will be revoked. Good luck getting your money back when your order never arrives. Worse yet, some distributors alter the products. It does not take too much to peel back the seal, dump out 1/3 of the Formula 1, replace it with flour and re-glue the seal. Or to peel back the lablel and remove a few capsules from a bottle. If you see a distributor selling online for nearly 50% off the catalog prices and offering free shipment, ask yourself how they make a profit. No distributor or supervisor gets more than a 50% discount from Herbalife, and every Distributor must pay Shipping and Handling to Herbalife. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is, be aware!!!

Herbalife QuickStart

Remember that "personal" relationship deal? It starts with knowing who you are buying from. My Distributor ID is 09958409 and my picture is on this page. If you are buying online and the vendor won't tell you their name, address and Herbalife ID, then odds are you are dealing with an "illegal" distributor who is hiding from Herbalife and who is breaking the contract they signed with Herbalife. Do you really want to trust your money and health by buying products from such a person? Would you buy food from a restaurant that was hiding from the health department?

I didn't think so. I want you as a long term customer, I want you as a reference to your friends. I want you to succeed in your health goals. So lets get started on that personal relationship, please go to my Contact page and lets create an account for you.

I am an eCommerce Website Designer. I can design a website like this for you.

You know the deal. You know Herbalife has great products and that they are safe and effective. You go out and find a customer, then they go online and buy for less than your cost. What can you tell them, that you provide better service? Certainly that is true, but why not have a website like this, reduce your time per customer, increase your sales, increase your margin and actually make a profit as a Herbalife Independent Distributor?

Yes I know, there are other website companies out there that will create an eCommerce website for you very cheaply. If you want to spend 50% of your time begging them for changes and support and complaining that things don't work right, go right ahead and do business with them. I want website customers who are going to be successful, not ones who want cheap. Please read this website carefully, and see what you will get as my website customer.

I am a Herbalife Supervisor. Call me if you need to earn Money, I have Full Time & Part Time Work for You!

I would like to sponsor you as a Herbalife Independent Distributor. I will support you better than any other Supervisor can. Your FREE eCommerce website like this is just the beginning.  I will train you, teach you what to do and say and tell you the truth about the Herbalife Opportunity.  Can you make a lot of money?  Absolutely!  Will you make a lot of money?  That depends on whether I am your sponsor or whether someone else is.  Very few Herbalife Supervisors are going to give you the support, coaching and training that I will.  You don't need experience, education or money to get started but you really need to call me.  Now!  (860)698-9227 Enfield CT, 06082